Our strategies and plans

We're planning for the future to ensure we can continue to provide high-quality, reliable services to all our customers.

Ours is a long-term industry. This means we're always planning for the future so that we can provide the high-quality and reliable services you expect and pay for.

Our plans consider things like:

  • making sure we always have enough water available to supply to you over the long term;
  • the activities we will carry out every five years to make sure you always get the best service from us; and
  • what we will do in the event of a drought to maintain essential water supplies.

These plans are underpinned by our assurance framework and resilience action plan, which help to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and to always delivering resilient services.

Five-year business plan

Every five years, we prepare and publish a plan of the activities we will carry out to ensure we continue to deliver the services you rely on. In developing this plan, we ask for your opinions so that it fully reflects your priorities for these services.

Water resources management plan

We consult on, prepare and publish a long-term water resources management plan at least every five years. It details how we will ensure the sustainability of our water supplies over the next 25 years.

Drought plan

Our drought plan sets out how we will manage our water resources during dry years so that we can maintain essential public water supplies. It looks at the options available to us to manage supply and demand, and the triggers for different levels of action that we might need to take in the event of a drought.