Our strategies and plans

Our water resources management plan

Delivering long-term, sustainable water supplies

At least every five years, we prepare, consult on and publish a water resources management plan, which we then keep under regular review.

This plan sets out, in detail, how we will provide you with high-quality, sustainable and reliable water supplies over the next 25 years. It also takes into account things like climate change, population growth and the need to protect the environment.

And it describes how we will manage our water resources and maintain the balance between the water we have available to supply to you and the demand for that water.

Our water resources management plan has very close links to a number of our other plans, including our five-year business plan and our drought plan.

Our current water resources management plan covers the 25 years to 2045.

Water resources market information

Alongside our water resources management plan, we also publish market information for independent third parties. This is to help them identify opportunities to work with us in the areas of water resources development and demand management services.