Our strategies and plans

Managing water resources during dry years

Our drought plan is an operational document that sets out our plans to manage water supplies in the event of a lengthy period of dry weather and a lack of rainfall.

It also sets out what we will do before, during, and after a drought, to ensure we can provide you with a secure water supply, while minimising any impact on the environment.

It discusses the triggers for different levels of action we can take in the event of a drought. These range from asking you to save water – for example, by spending less time in the shower – to imposing restrictions on non-essential water use by businesses and institutions in a severe drought.

And it describes how we will keep you informed of the measures we will put in place to protect your water supplies.

Alongside our drought plan, we also publish a long-term water resources management plan. This sets out how we will manage your water supplies in normal conditions over 25 years, and is revised every five years. 

Our water resources management plan demonstrates how we will invest to meet future growth, allow for climate change, become more resilient to drought events and provide further protection for the environment.

Our current drought plan

Our final drought plan was approved for publication in April 2022. Prior to this, we published a revised draft of our drought plan for consultation in June 2021, and subsequently reviewed the representations made and revised our plan where necessary. The draft drought plan, representations made, and our response to those representations, were reviewed by the Secretary of State and approved for publication in accordance with the Drought Plan Regulations.

Our drought plan and appendices, statement of response to consultation, and supporting documents can be accessed by clicking the links below. Paper copies are available on request, please email DanielClark@south-staffs-water.co.uk.

Statement of response

This is our statement of response to the responses received as part of our eight-week consultation period.

Final drought plan

Our final 2022 drought plan.

Drought plan summary

An easy to read summary of our draft drought plan.

Appendix A - consultation on the drought plan

This document explains how we have undertaken consultation with these stakeholders and the public in preparing our drought plan.

Appendix B - communications plan

This document is an overview of the approach we will take to advise customers and stakeholders in the event of a drought.

Appendix C - drought triggers

We have developed a suite of drought indicators over subsequent plans, this document gives you more details.

Appendix D - consistent notices

In the event of a 'Temporary Use Ban', we propose to adopt a consistent form of notice and this is presented in this document.

Appendix E - environmental assessment

This document gives you details of how we comply with environmental legislation and ensure that any environmental impacts of our actions are identified, minimised and mitigated.

Appendix F - habitats regulation assessment

This document gives you details our habitats regulation assessment screening report.

Statement of assurance

This document confirms that our draft drought plan does not contain any information that could pose a risk to national security interests or which is commercially confidential.

Supplementary statement of response

This document details our supplementary statement of response to Natural England comments.

Drought FAQs

Frequently asked questions about drought and what it means for our customers, the environment and us a business >

The final plan does not include any revisions that change our statement concerning commercial confidentiality or that would be contrary to the interests of national security which would require a change to our statement of assurance.

What is drought?

A drought is an extended period of very low rainfall. This leads to lower than expected water levels in our reservoirs and other water sources. When this happens, we need to take appropriate action to manage our water supplies.

Our water resources management plan

Our water resources management plan sets out, in detail, how we will provide you with high-quality, sustainable and reliable water supplies over the next 25 years. It also takes into account things like climate change, population growth and the need to protect the environment. Read more.