Our strategies and plans

We’re committed to being open and transparent about the information we share with you about our performance.

So, we have a framework in place that that defines how we will deliver that transparency through appropriate levels of assurance and sign off.

Every year, we publish a wide range of information about how we run our business and the service standards we can achieve.

We want to demonstrate that this information can be trusted to be accurate and complete. So, we have a number of different assurance processes in place. These include internal reviews carried out by managers and using independent third parties to assure our information.

We also use a risk-assessment process to decide the level of assurance that is required. We do this because some of our data is more critical than other data.

And we take into account feedback we receive from our regulators and other stakeholders. This helps us to create an assurance plan for the year ahead. You can view our plans using the links below: