Our strategies and plans

To help us deliver our long-term vision, we’ve developed a number of ambitions – for the services we deliver, to protect the environment, for our customers and communities, and for our business.

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You can also read some key points from the document below, view a PDF version, find out more about South Staffordshire PLC (the parent company of Cambridge Water and South Staffs Water), and provide feedback.

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Our vision to 2050
We have an ambitious, long-term vision for our business that aims to demonstrate our value to our customers and society, and our commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment. To deliver this vision, we are focusing on the following themes.

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At the same time, we will take into account the changing expectations of our customers and regulators over time. This could mean placing more emphasis on one theme over another to reflect a change in circumstances, for example. Key to this remains the need for us to understand fully our customers’ priorities, and to be fully embedded at the heart of all the communities we serve.

Where we are now
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Graphic showing where we are now
Where we will be in 2050
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graphic showing where we will be in 2050
Our customers' priorities
Our vision is based on delivering the priorities our customers and stakeholders have told us about through our ongoing engagement with them. These include the following priorities.

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There are also some other areas where customers and stakeholders have differing views on how far they want us to go as a water company.

You can find out more about these priorities in our long-term plan, 'Looking to the future'.

Our long-term ambitions
Our business plan for each of the five years from 2020 to 2025 focuses on delivering five key outcomes that reflect the areas where our customers told us they want to hold us to account. We believe these still apply to our long-term plans. So we have developed the following ambition statements, which will help us to deliver our vision for 2050.

Delivering excellent service

image of a drone

We will use cutting-edge technology and ensure the infrastructure is in place so that customers always receive resilient, high-quality water supplies.


"The way I see it is that the water quality needs improving and these new investments will make that happen"

- South Staffs Water customer

Delivering for the environment

image of a worker surveying a reservoir

We will lead in protecting and enhancing the environment - working with partners to ensure sustainable water supplies and flourishing local habitats.


"I would expect the water company to do its best not to damage any local wildlife habitats and if they did to compensate for it in other areas, for example projects creating habitats like the ones destroyed"

- Cambridge Water customer

Delivering for our customers

image of a customer with a customer liaison officer

We will innovate to exceed customers' expectations of our service, end water poverty and make sure help is always available.


"Being able to speak to someone directly on the phone about billing is a good thing and it's really important this continues"

- Cambridge Water customer

Delivering for our communities

picture of our community vehicle

We will use partnerships and education to lift our communities, creating space and opportunities to help people work and thrive.


"Utility poverty is a huge problem in this country and sometimes a break makes all the difference"

- South Staffs Water customer


Delivering for our business

image of a staff member delivering a presentation to an audience

We will lead in adapting to climate change and will run a safe, efficient and sustainable business, with a highly skilled workforce.


"I felt valued from day one, when I saw a dedicated prayer room available on site to practice my faith."

- South Staffordshire Water PLC employee, Cambridge region


Delivering a long-term strategy

This high-level vision represents our initial thinking on the sort of business we want to be by 2050.

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Graphic detailing timeline of our long-term strategy
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