Extra help

Save money on your bill

We have lots of tips and advice to help you save money on your water bill.

If you are having problems paying please contact us.
We can help you find the right solution to meet your needs. 

Request a water meter

Water meters can be installed for free in most homes. Because customers only pay for the water they use many people find their bill is cheaper. You may also be eligible for special tariffs that are available to people who have low incomes or low consumption. Because you only pay for the water you use many people find their bill is cheaper.

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It’s free to have a water meter installed for most household customers.

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Once your meter has been installed you'll be able to view your bills online, make payments and submit meter readings all at the click of a button.

Free water efficiency devices

Cambridge Water has teamed up with SaveWaterSaveMoney to offer customers free water-efficient devices designed to help customers save money on their water, wastewater and heating bills.

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Claim your free gadget and start saving water - and money.

Watch out for leaks

If you have a meter you can use it to check whether you have a water leak.

To check that you do not have a leak on any pipework after the meter:

  • Turn off all taps
  • Read the meter (including the red digits)
  • Do not use any water for a length of time (eg overnight or while you are out for the day).
  • Read the meter again

If the second reading is higher than the first there may be a leak.

Go for tap

The price you pay for tap water is far, far less than it costs for bottled water. Just £1 will buy you well over a 1000 litres.

See if you have a soakaway

If the rainwater that falls onto your property drains into a soakaway, instead of the sewer, you may be able to ask for a surface water drainage discount.