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Responding to customers

Complaints received this month:


Complaints are split into four categories shown in the graph below.

Every month, we have tens of thousands of contacts with our customers – face to face, over the phone, through our website and email or by post. Most of these are successfully dealt with but unfortunately sometimes the contact is because a customer wants to make a complaint. Here are some actual complaints we've received this month and the action we've taken based on these complaints:

You said: I can’t access my water meter as it’s in a large chamber with a heavy lid and I don’t know which one is mine.

We did: We’ve reviewed our training guidance and have cascaded out to our advisors to ensure we are updating joint names on bills where customers ask.

You said: I’ve paid my bill via cheque into your office but you’ve sent me a reminder.

We did: We found that there was a bit of a delay in us processing cheque payments, which was causing customers to receive bill reminders. We’re now ensuring we’re processing cheques daily.