Successful prosecution for illegally taking water in Cambridge and Lichfield

We have successfully prosecuted another company for illegally taking water from a hydrant, through unauthorised use of a standpipe.

NRS Plant Ltd trading as National Road Sweepers, based in Dartford, pleaded guilty to three offences. The offences took place in Cottenham, Cambridge in September 2021, Ramsey, Cambridge in October 2021 and Lichfield, Staffordshire in November 2021. The company was ordered to pay a total of £10,884 in fines and legal costs by Cannock Magistrates Court.

“It is illegal to connect to the water supply network without proper authorisation. When companies connect without authorisation, the quality and the pressure of water supplied to our customers can be compromised and that is not acceptable.

Our priority is to provide a safe and reliable water supply to all of our customers, and we take it very seriously when the actions of others impact our ability to do this, so are pleased that this prosecution has taken place. We hope it discourages others from acting irresponsibly in the future.

Companies can hire an authorised standpipe, if they need a temporary water supply. We will provide training on how to use the equipment correctly and safely so that our customers’ water is protected.”

Mark Jeffries, lead water supplies officer, Cambridge Water.

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It is an offence under Section 174 of the Water Act 1991 to make any connection to the network without prior authorisation and agreement. A fine and confiscation of any equipment used for this purpose may be imposed on anyone found guilty of this offence.
Posted: 14 June 2022