Standpipe hire

Hydrants are located along various points on our mains network. Their primary purpose is to allow water to be drawn off by the emergency services.

However, if temporary access is needed to our mains network we hire out standpipes specifically for this purpose.

Applicants are reminded:
It is an offence under Section 174 of the Water Act 1991 to make any connection to the network without prior authorisation and agreement. A fine of up to £1,000 plus costs for each infringement, together with the confiscation of any equipment used for this purpose may be imposed otherwise.

Unauthorised connections to our network pose a serious risk to the quality of water we supply to our customers. This could result in contamination of the public water supply, reduction in pressure, disturbance or possibly a mains failure of our network.

In order to hire a standpipe, users must first undergo a risk assessment and agree to Cambridge Water's terms and conditions. In some circumstances where the level of risk is greater than the standpipe can guard against, we may need to apply conditions.

A successful application allows users to hire a Cambridge Water issued standpipe and draw water from any of our hydrants. All our standpipes include a backflow protection device to reduce the risk of contamination entering the public supply. 

Apply for a standpipe

Find out how to apply and start your application

Once the application form has been submitted and we are satisfied with the application, we will advise you of the required payment to cover the hire.

Once the payment has been made we will contact you to arrange collection or delivery of the standpipe.

  • All standpipes issued will be restricted to a maximum of 20mm bore but you will have the option of a standard ½” hose union bib tap or a 2 ½” instantaneous fire hose fitting. Other fittings are available on request.
  • Standpipes larger than 20mm are available but are subject to an in-depth risk assessment and are only permitted to be used on specified hydrants with no exception Further information is available on request.