Successful prosecution for illegally taking water

We have successfully prosecuted Lanes Group for illegally taking water from a hydrant, through unauthorised use of a standpipe.

Lanes Group (St Neots) was found guilty of the offence, which took place in Willingham in February 2019, and ordered to pay over £3,500 in fines and legal costs by Cambridge Magistrates Court.

Ciaran Kelly, Head of Operations at Cambridge Water, commented:

Responsible companies obtain an authorised standpipe to connect to the network and can be trained to use the equipment correctly and safely. When companies ignore this and illegally connect to the water supply network, they are not only avoiding payment but also potentially creating problems with the pressure and quality of water supplied to our customers. Providing a safe and reliable water supply to all of our customers is our number one priority and we work hard every day to make this happen. We take it very seriously when the actions of others impact our ability to do this, so are pleased with today’s outcome. We hope it discourages others from acting irresponsibly in the future.

This is not the first prosecution of this kind by and demonstrates a zero-tolerance approach with organisations which believe they can connect to the water distribution network without the appropriate authorisation.

Developers and other organisations who need temporary access to the water mains network can apply to hire a standpipe,

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Posted: 9 October 2019