Our PEBBLE fund helps Cambridge Hedgehogs

Photo of a hedgehogOur PEBBLE fund is supporting the Cambridge Hedgehogs' St Andrew’s Churchyard Project.

Cambridge Hedgehogs
  is a registered charity, formed in 2019, which aims to raise public awareness of how to help hedgehogs and to fundraise for a new hedgehog hospital for Cambridge.

Estimates suggest we have lost 50% of rural hedgehogs and 30% of urban hedgehogs since 2000; and loss of hedgehogs is a general indicator of the wider biodiversity emergency we are now facing. 

We have provided funding for the St Andrew’s Churchyard Project which aims to improve the chances for hedgehogs by enhancing their habitat in the churchyards of St Andrew’s Chesterton and St Andrew’s Cherry Hinton.

As well as providing hedgehog-friendly habitats, food and water sources, the project will involve the local community and provide information on hedgehogs to raise awareness of these habitats.

Hedgehogs are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, the Wild Mammals Protection Act, and are a species of principal importance under the NERC Act.  Ensuring high quality well connected habitats are essential for hedgehogs to thrive.

To find out more about how you can protect hedgehogs and get involved with the project, visit the Cambridge Hedgehogs website or visit St.


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Posted: 22 April 2020