Give your feedback on our Water Resources Plan 2025-2050

Graphic of lots of images showing streams, water being used and staff.Our latest Water Resources Plan 2025-2050 sets out how we will meet customer demand for water over the next 25 years, and we want your feedback.

Our Water Resources Plan (WRMP) is produced at least every five years and sets out how we will provide water supplies over the next 25 years, taking into account any external challenges. The plan has very close links to a number of other plans, including our five-year business plan and drought plan.

There are some significant challenges we face in meeting customer demand for water, including population growth, the change in water use due to COVID-19, the increased likelihood of drought and the need to reduce the amount of water taken from underground sources to protect the environment. The plan considers these challenges and then sets out the options that will best help to meet them.

Among the proposals we are putting forward to counter these challenges are:

  • securing a 50% reduction in leakage from our network of pipes
  • support to help customers reduce their water use by 30 litres a day
  • a reduction of non-household customers’ water use by 9%
  • more water recycling or rainwater harvesting schemes for new developments, saving around 1.5 million litres of water a day.

“Our Water Resources Plan is a key document to ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality, sustainable and reliable water to our customers in the future. It’s important that we plan ahead as there are so many challenges that we need to take into account. The water environment is constantly changing with climate change and population growth affecting the supply and demand for water. Our WRMP is one of the tools we’re using to secure our customers’ water future and we want to hear everyone’s views to ensure we’re planning the right way for our customers, our stakeholders and the environment.”

Natalie Akroyd, Head of Water Strategy & Environment

WRMP consultation

The consultation on the draft Water Resources Management Plan for 2025-2050 will be open until midday on 19 May 2023.

Read more about the plan and provide your feedback.

Our WRMP has been developed in conjunction with the Water Resources East (WRE) draft regional plan, which was published in November 2022 and outlines the water needs to meet customer demand for the whole region.

The regional water resources plan

Find out more about Water Resources East Regional Water resources plan and how to give your feedback.

Posted: 20 March 2023