My bills and payments

The rateable value of your property is detailed on your bill.

To calculate your charges we multiply the rateable value of your property, for example £275, by the charge which has been set for each £1 of rateable value.

If you’d like to be billed on how much water you actually use, you can apply for a meter. These can usually be fitted for free at household properties.

How is my rateable value set?

Up until 1990, the rateable value for a property was set by the valuation office of your local council. The council set a separate rateable value for each property based on how much rent might be charged if it was rented out. It took into account the value and age of your property, the amount of land it occupies and the distance from local amenities.

After this date all newly built properties were fitted with a water meter, so rateable values were no longer allocated.

It’s not possible to change the rateable value of your property.

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