My water meter

Why switch to a water meter?


Icon showing money in a water dropGet your finances flowing nicelyThe average person saves £100 a year when switching to a meter.

Icon showing water going down the drainStop pouring water down the drain - literallyYou'll only be charged for the water you use.

Icon showing a pound sign in a splashThere's no need to splash out 
It's completely free to install and there are no hidden costs.

Icon showing a diverDive right inJoin our 350,000 customers who already have water meters.

Icon of a yachtIt's smooth sailingIt's simple to apply for a meter - it's as easy as 1,2,3.

Icon with a tickSwitch back guarantee
If you change your mind, or find you're not benefiting from having a meter, you can switch back within two years for free.

Want to switch?

Find out how to apply for your meter

Already got a meter and want to submit a reading?

You can submit a meter reading when your bill is due, just login to MyAccount and enter your reading.