My bills and payments

Your water bill covers the cost of the water you use to drink, cook, wash and clean, as well as the used water taken away. Our water charges also allow us to continue to invest in our treatment works, improve our network of pipes to prevent leakage and provide support to customers on a low income who are struggling to pay their bills.

We charge you for clean water based on:

  • The amount of water you use, if your supply is metered, or
  • The rateable value of your property if you don’t have a meter.

Your bill also includes:

  • A standing charge to cover the cost of billing and administration.
  • Charges for used water, sewerage services, surface water and highways drainage, which we collect on behalf of Anglian Water.

Did you know?
Most people save an average of £100 a year if they switch to a meter. That's because metered customers only pay for the water they use, whereas unmetered customers are billed based on their property's rateable value. You can view your bill by logging in or registering for MyAccount.

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