Saving water

Helping our customers to save water

Wherever we can, we provide advice and assistance to our customers about water efficiency. We employ a number of initiatives to support this strategy, including:

Each year we have to achieve a target to reduce the water used by our customers, which contributes to a sustainable future.

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Encouraging customers to choose a water meter

Just by having a water meter installed, people are more aware of the water they use.

On average, water usage is 10% less at homes with a meter, compared to those without.

As a general rule of thumb, if there are more bedrooms in your home than there are people living there, it is likely to be financially beneficial too.

By offering a free water meter installation in most circumstances, we hope to encourage more and more people to make the switch.

Don't have a water meter?

Click here to find information about switching to a meter, and see if you would be better off.