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Free water efficiency devices

We’re committed to encouraging our customers to use less water and where possible help reduce energy consumption.

We've teamed up with Save Water Save Money to offer a range of water efficiency devices for our customers, while stocks last.

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Three steps to learning the Bathroom Blitz

1 - 
Blitz your bathroom - by fitting our FREE water saving gadgets to sinks, showers and toilets.

2 - Blitz your bathroom habits – spend ages idling in the shower? Speed up your bathroom routines and sharpen up on wasting water.

3 - Blitz your bills – using less, costs less and you’ll soon start to see savings on your metered water and energy bills.

Flowsaver deviceFlowsaver device
This simple push-button device temporarily reduces water flow to maintain water temperature, perfect for washing hair.

The Flowsaver is not suitable for use with electric showers, power showers or those with multiple jets. It can be used with showers operated via combi and condensing boilers and with gravity fed showers.

LeakyLoo stripsLeakyLoo™ strips Research shows that newer cisterns with a push button can be prone to leaky valves. You won’t necessarily notice this as the leak may be going straight into the toilet. To check for yourself, fit one of our free LeakyLoo™ strips.

HippoSave-a-Flush and Hippo bags
Did you know that around a quarter of the water used in the household is flushed down the toilet?

That's why we're also giving away FREE Save-a-Flush and Hippo bags for use in your toilet cistern.

Crocodile Toothy Timer

Toothy Timers
The Toothy Timer will help your children brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day, as recommended by The British Dental Health Foundation. You’ll also save around 12 litres of water every time.

The Toothy Timer comes with an information card, to remind children about the importance of brushing for two minutes twice a day and also the importance of protecting our scarce resources, like water. Simply pop out the animal face from the card and attach to our two-minute teeth brushing timer.

Shower timerThe four-minute shower timer
The four-minute shower timer is designed to help your family cut their energy and water bills, by helping you not take too long a shower.

Claim your FREE water efficiency devices

Visit SaveWaterSaveMoney to claim your free water efficiency devices.

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