Environmental Information

Publically available information

We already make a wide range of environmental information publically available. We will continue to add more information to our website that we feel may be of interest to you:

  • Water Resources Management Plan – sets out our strategy for a providing a high quality and reliable water supply to customers now and in the future, in a way that is most affordable and takes into consideration any environmental pressures on our resources;
  • Environmental Policy - sets out our commitment to minimising the impact our activities have on the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility – sets out a range of issues including our social, economic and environmental objectives, together with our community activities;
  • Drought Planning – our drought plan sets out how we will manage our water resources during dry years in order to ensure that essential public water supplies are maintained;
  • Drinking Water Quality – information on the quality of the drinking water that we supply;
  • Water Efficiency - information which helps our customers conserve water;
  • Leakage policy – sets out our approach for managing leaks; and
  • Climate Change – our strategic approach to climate change and how we manage our energy usage and carbon emissions.