Young Innovators' Panel


Water is a long-term public service - it's vital that we meet and understand future bill payers' needs. 

As part of our commitment to continually engage with young people in our Cambridge region and ensure their voice shapes our future plans, we are launching a Young Innovators' Panel in the region in 2019.

How the Young Innovators’ Panel works

Students who join the Panel will spend a day in July with our team at the new Eddington development site in Cambridge, learning about the company and spending time with directors and senior managers, before being set a real-life task.

After their first visit, the panellists will then work in teams on their task over the summer to prepare for their second visit. Here they will pitch their ideas to a group of senior directors and managers, who will then select a winner.

How can you benefit from being on the Young Innovators' Panel?

Being a Young Innovator gives you the opportunity to:

  • Have a real influence on the decisions made by the company’s senior management relating to the task that you will be given
  • See the inner workings of a major business
  • Gain first-hand experience of presenting your ideas to senior directors
  • Improve your teamworking and communication skills
  • Meet and make friends with other like-minded young people from around the region
  • Receive a formal reference for use in UCAS or apprenticeship applications
  • Gain a £100 reward for taking part.

Whether you are thinking of starting your own business, going to university or starting an apprenticeship, the Young Innovators’ Panel can help you develop the skills you will need to succeed.

Key dates
Closing date for applications: 24 June 2019
Briefing day: 11 July 2019
Presentation day: 13 September 2019

Find out more about our Young Innovators' Panel
See what the young innovators from our South Staffs region in 2018 had to say about taking part in the panel: