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Half-term activity book

Beat the boredom this half term and learn something new about the Wonderful World of Water!


Join Captain Efficient on his important mission to banish water wasters for good! Complete a range of activities and put your superhero skills to the test. Along the way, you'll meet Captain Efficient's enemies - Leaky Lou, Half-full Harry, Runaway Ronnie, Dirty Gertie and Bath-full Bella - and find out why it's so important to stop them in their tracks. By the time you're finished, you'll be a water warrior! 

Our free workbooks have been developed in line with the National Curriculum and use English, Maths and Art to educate children about the wonderful world of water. Each workbook comes with a checklist and answer book.

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Fun facts about water

Fun facts about water

Test your water knowledge

Ever wondered what percentage of the earth is covered in water? Use your knowledge to answer these questions

Float or sink?

Use this worksheet to perform your own 'float or sink?' experiment

Water audit at home

Perform a water audit at home and find out how much water you use in a week

Captain Efficient colouring sheet

Bring Captain Efficient to life with your very own colouring sheet

Leaky Lou colouring sheet

Add some colour to Leaky Lou, one of Captain Efficient's enemies

Captain Efficient's water-saving mission

Join Captain Efficient on his water-saving mission and spread the word about saving water

Captain Efficient's watery wordsearch

Complete the wordsearch and learn all about Captain Efficient's mission against The Water Wasters

Little Drop poem

Join Little Drop for a poem all about the water cycle

Little Drop wordsearch

Help Little Drop complete a wordsearch and learn all about the water cycle

Secret splash code

Use the symbols to crack Captain Efficient's secret splash codes

Water-saving game

Print off and make your very own water-saving game to play with friends!

How many litres?

Work out how much water you use each day

Water safety resources

Stay safe near open water

Find out why it's important to stay safe near open water.

Water safety colouring sheet

Put your colouring skills to the test with our water safety colouring sheet.

Design a water safety sign

Design your own sign warning people not to swim or play near open water.

Design a water safety poster

Using your knowledge of water safety, design a poster to educate others about the importance of water safety.

Water safety word puzzle

Can you fit the important water safety words into the grid?

Water safety wordsearch

Can you find all of the water safety words in the wordsearch?

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Captain Efficient v The Water Wasters

Captain Efficient is on a mission to help fight water wasting and banish water wasters for good. Leaky loos, running taps and half-full washing machines best beware - our aim is to make every drop count!

Educational quizzes

Test your knowledge about the wonderful world of water with one of our quizzes - fun and educational too!