Developed in line with the National Curriculum, each of our quizzes cover the following subjects: English, Geography, History and Science.

The Wonderful World of Water (KS2)

The Broad Street Pump and John Snow (KS3 and KS4)


There are four educational clips about John Snow (1813-1858); his life, his role in identifying links between contamination and health, his hypothesis and how he set about collecting data and proving his theory, and his legacy to our current standard and testing for water quality in the UK today.

Watch each clip in turn (#1 to #3, then A John Snow Epilogue). After each, select either the KS3 or KS4 quiz link (or do both!). Each quiz has a series of questions about what you have just seen and heard, and multiple choice answers to choose from. The quiz will be marked as you answer each question, so you’ll be able to track your progress throughout. Enjoy and good luck!

Quiz 1: The Broad Street Pump - You Know Nothing, John Snow

Quiz 2: The Broad Street Pump - Epidemiology Begins!

Quiz 3: The Broad Street Pump - Map of the Blue Death

Quiz 4: The Sanitary Movement - A John Snow epilogue

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Captain Efficient v The Water Wasters

Captain Efficient is on a mission to help fight water wasting and banish water wasters for good. Leaky loos, running taps and half-full washing machines best beware - our aim is to make every drop count!

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