Our business

The Stakeholder Panel is an independent and impartial board of stakeholders and experts.

Its main role is to ensure that our business plan for 2025-2030, which is submitted to Ofwat, is a good plan that will deliver measurable outcomes to customers, the community and the environment across the Cambridge and South Staffordshire areas. The panel will also ensure that the plan reflects the wants, needs and aspirations of our customers and stakeholders.

Panel members

The panel is made up of stakeholders with an interest in the water sector, in our work and have an interest, professional or personal link with our operating areas.

Photo of Matthew Cole
Matthew Cole (chair)
Fuel Bank Foundation  

Photo of Jo Giles
Jo Giles

Photo of Neil Jennion
Neal Jennion
Jennion Associates

Photo of Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson

Photo of Greg Nolan
Greg Nolan
University of Cambridge

Photo of Heather Smith
Heather Smith
Cranfield University

Photo of Professor David Proverbs
Professor David Proverbs
University of Wolverhampton 

Photo of Paul Quinn
Paul Quinn

Photo of Richard Sewell
Richard Sewell
Cam Valley Forum

Photo of Clara Todd
Clara Todd
Cam Valley Forum