Professor Ian Barker joins our Board of Directors

Photo of Professor Ian Barker

Professor Ian Barker, the founder and managing director of Water Policy International Ltd, has joined our Board of Directors.

Professor Barker is a Chartered Environmentalist and has over 35 years in the water and environmental sectors and has a rare blend of experience combining policy development and operational delivery. He has held senior roles at the Environment Agency and was the first individual to have overall responsibility for the integrated planning, regulation and management of water, land and biodiversity for England and Wales.

 He is also a visiting professor in Exeter's Centre for Water Systems, a non-executive director of the Water Industry Forum and vice-president (environment) of the Institute of Water. 

“Ian brings huge experience and knowledge of the water sector, and a passion for the health of the environment, to his new Board position; and Cambridge Water and our customers will derive enormous benefit as a result.”  

Lord Chris Smith, Independent chairman of Cambridge Water.

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Posted: 12 May 2022