Pressure management techniques identified as way of reducing leakage

banner image of SME WaterA successful project with SME Water has helped us to identify areas of our network that are more susceptible to bursts.

Through the use of QGIS technology, which helps to examine geographical information, SME Water was able to analyse and monitor water pressure patterns within our area of supply. The report identified different levels of pressure across our region, which were impacted by peaks in customer demand, resulting in vulnerable areas of our network.

map of SME Water project
The outcome of the project proposed a number of schemes, which would help us implement pressure management techniques that will be beneficial in our target of reducing leakage in the long term. 
We welcome these proposals as an additional solution to how we are already investing in our network, and our commitment to reducing leakage by at least 15%, within the next five years. 

SME Water's report

Read more about the project in SME Water's blog post.

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Posted: 7 October 2021