Have your say on our drought plan

Image of the drought plan coverWe have launched our draft drought plan for the next five years and would like your feedback.

A drought is an extended period of very low rainfall, which leads to lower-than-expected water levels in our water sources. When this happens, we need to take appropriate action to manage our water supplies, in order to continue to provide all our customers with water.

We need to be prepared for droughts and as part of our statutory requirements, we update our drought plan every five years. Our drought plan looks at how we would manage the pressure on our water supplies. It sets out how we will minimise the impact our activities have on the environment and also how we will communicate with you, our regulators and other key stakeholders.

Public consultation

Today we are launching the public consultation on our draft drought plan for eight weeks, until 2 August 2021. We welcome your views and will consider all feedback received. We will then produce a statement of response, which outlines any changes we have made to our plan. The Secretary of State will consider whether to issue any directions for our Final Drought Plan before we publish the final version.

To read our drought plan and find out how to give your feedback, visit our drought plan page. 

Our draft drought plan

Read our plan and supplementary documents.

Posted: 7 June 2021