Half of water customers unaware of extra help

Photo of a woman holding a glass of waterA new report from CCW has found that only 43% of customers in England and Wales are aware that their water company offers extra help.

The extra help includes:

  •          the delivery of bottled water in an emergency
  •          help reading or understanding your bill
  •          providing information in large print or different languages
  •          a password scheme to protect customers from bogus callers.

“We know how important it is for our customers to know about the support we offer. This is particularly important at times when we need to carry out work and customers will be temporarily without water. We try really hard to let our customers know, through inserts with the bills, email, texts, social media and talking to customers when they phone us and getting out into the community as much as we can. 

We currently have 6,621 customers on our Priority Service Register and that number is growing every month, but we know there will be more people who would benefit from that extra support, so we’d appreciate it if everyone could tell their friends and relations that the help is there for them if they need it."

Rachael Merrell, customer delivery director.

Anyone who would like to register can visit or call 01223 706050.

Priority services

Find out more about the extra help we offer

CCW Water Mark report

This is an assessment by CCW of how well water companies are performing in the areas that customers care about the most.

Posted: 2 November 2021