Cambridge Water launches business plan for 2025-30

South Staffs and Cambridge Water are set to invest a record £19m to enhance and protect the environment, launch a water efficiency scheme for non-household customers and provide financial support to 60,000 customers per year.

We have proposed plans to Ofwat as part of the Business Plan (Price Review 24) for the regulatory period 2025-30, outlining an investment plan of £19m to enhance and protect the environment across both South Staffs and Cambridge regions. The plan is designed with the overarching aim of securing a sustainable water future for customers, communities and the environment.

Cam streamOur plan
  • Invest £40m to ensure excellent water quality and reliable assets
  • Develop alternative water sources, including a new reservoir in our Cambridge region
  • Deliver ambitious leakage reductions -20% in our Cambridge region and 15% in our South Staffs region
  • Launch a water efficiency scheme for non-household customers and increase community support
  • Deliver our net zero ambitions
This ambitious plan puts the emphasis on a proactive and responsive customer service, investment in sector-leading assets, activities to protect the environment and long-term financial sustainability, all while delivering maximum societal value. Our plan is based around extensive, transparent engagement with customers and stakeholders.

Cambridge Treatment WorksLong-term challenges The water industry as a whole faces many significant challenges that require long-term planning to combat, including: an increased demand for water due to population growth, changing rainfall patterns leading to higher risk of drought, and the need to improve water efficiency.

At the same time, we are constantly working to make sure our customers’ water bills remain affordable. To read more about our plans, take a look at the dedicated page on South Staffs Water's website here.