Improvements in St Ives

undefinedWork is starting on an essential project in St Ives

As part of our improvement programme, we will be renewing 2km of existing water main, with a new, high-performance polyethylene main. This work will improve the quality and reliability of your water supply.

When is it happening?

The work will start on Monday 15 November, in the following locations, for approximately twenty-five weeks:

  • Houghton Road
  • High Leys
  • Green Leys
  • Paragon Road
The section of renewal works in High Leys, within the vicinity of St Ives School, will be completed during school holidays, to reduce disruption.

Will traffic be affected?

In order to complete this work as safely and efficiently as possible, a road closure will be in place on High Leys, Green Leys and Paragon Road, with a suitable diversion in place. Access to frontages will be maintained at all times. There will be appropriate signage and traffic management for the remainder of the works.

Noise disruption
Due to the nature of these works, there is a potential for some noise disruption, as we carry out our work. We will endeavor to keep noise levels to a minimum and apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Site compound and welfare facilities

Our site compound and welfare facilities will be temporarily located on the grass verge at the junction of High Leys and Houghton Road, while the works take place. This location will be used to store materials, as well as providing welfare facilities to our teams. We will ensure that disruption around this location is kept to a minimum, and the area is restored to its original condition, upon completion of the works

Will this affect my water supply?

We aim to complete all work with as little disruption to you as possible. However, we may need to turn off your water supply for a short period of time. If we do need to shut off your supply, we will provide as much notice as possible.

We apologise in advance for any disruption these works may cause and thank you for your patience. 

Our investment programme

This scheme is part of our commitment to invest in new water mains, to reduce leakage by at least 15% and to ensure our customers continue to receive a reliable and high-quality water supply.


1 February 2022
Work is progressing well on High Leys Road, as we continue preparations for the installation of a new main. The road remains closed, with access for residents only.

14 February 2022

Work continues on High Leys and Green Leys Road, as we continue to lay the new main. A road closure remains in place, with full access for residents at all times.
Posted: 4 November 2021