Programme of improvements underway

Improvements are underway as part of our five-year investment programme, while reducing customers’ bills by around 10% in real terms on average across the same timeframe.

The ambitious plan for the Cambridge and South Staffs regions, has been developed in conjunction with customers so that it reflects their priorities. It also enables us to meet our responsibilities as a provider of an essential public service and to maintain and improve public health, encourage economic development, and protect and enhance the environment for current and future generations.

The improvements include:

  • Around £55 million to help us reduce leakage by at least 20%. This includes spending £36 million on repairing and replacing pipes on our network, £8 million on leak detection and £4 million on maintaining leakage equipment.
  • Nearly £18 million to help customers manage how much water they use.
  • £8 million over the five years to 2025 to deliver exceptional customer service, enabling customers to engage with us in a way that best suits their individual circumstances and improve the experience they have with us.
  • And we will work with landowners to protect 690 hectares of environmentally sensitive sites. This is an area the size of around 690 rugby pitches.

“We are continually striving to do more for our customers, challenging ourselves to provide them with the services they pay for and meet their rising expectations at an affordable price.
Over the five years to 2025, we will invest nearly £600 million in our largest-ever programme to deliver the improvement in services our customers have told us they want.

At the same time, the water only element of customers’ bills will fall by around 10% in real terms on average and we are continuing to provide extra support to help our customers who are struggling to pay their bills.”

Andy Willicott, managing director of Cambridge Water.


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Posted: 20 January 2021