Take action, make small changes

We need to make sure we’ll continue to have water for the future and to look after the environment.

We are promising to reduce water lost through leaks by 15%, by replacing 48 km of pipes and investing in a smart network by 2025. We can all reduce the amount of water we use, just by making small changes.

We pledge:
          to reduce leakage by 15%
Graphic stating "We pledge to reduce water leakage by 15% by 2025".

We want to continue to protect our environment and make sure it is maintained to support future generations. As part of this, we are committed to reducing leakage levels by 15% by 2025, through investing in our pipes and introducing new technologies.

Could you pledge:
          to reduce your water use by 15 litres per day?

Graphic stating "Can you pledge to reduce your water use by 15 litres per day?)
Ways to reduce your water use

▶️ Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
Graphic stating "Turn off your tap while brushing your teeth You can save around 12 litres of water (more than one bucket) by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth.

▶️ Shorten your shower Graphic stating "shorten your shower" Save just under one bucket (9 litres) per minute, if you have a shorter shower and remember, running the shower before you step in also wastes water.

Order a free shower timer.

▶️ Get a water meterGraphic stating "get a meter"

If you haven't got a water meter, the switch is easy and you can track your water use to find out how you use the most water and spot leaks on your pipes easily.

Switch to a meter