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Metered charges

Metered water charges

Size of meter

Water supply
£ per cublic metre (m3)


Water standing charge (£/pa)


Garden meter standing charge (£/pa)

15mm meter   £0.9169 £39.34 £10.27
20mm meter £0.9169 £39.34 £20.52
25mm meter   £0.9169 £39.34 £30.66
35mm meter £0.9169 £39.34 N/A
40mm meter £0.9169 £39.34 N/A
50mm meter £0.9169 £39.34 N/A
80mm meter £0.9169 £136.51 N/A
100mm meter £0.8739 £146.20 N/A
150mm meter £0.9169 £178.33 N/A

Some people with a meter are charged based on the rateable value (RV) of their property. You will need to visit the Anglian Water website to find the cost per £ of rateable value.

If you would like to change how your surface water drainage is calculated, from the rateable value charge to the property type charge, please contact us