The CoFarm Foundation has the vision of everyone in the UK having access to locally and sustainably produced food by 2030, and was awarded a grant from the PEBBLE fund in 2020-21.

The CoFarm Foundation has two wholly-owned trading subsidiaries, of which CoFarm Cambridge is one of them. CoFarm Cambridge is in the process of co-creating an agroecoloigcal community farm with and for the community in Abbey, Cambridge.

The site where CoFarm Cambridge is based is a seven-acre agricultural land just off Barnwell Road. The site was previously traditionally farmed but is now being transformed into a two-acre market garden which is growing sustainably produced food using local volunteers. During the pandemic, food that has been produced in the market garden has been donated to the Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance.

Photo of wildflowersCoFarm Cambridge applied for PEBBLE funding in 2020-21 and was awarded £5,500 to help “wild” the CoFarm Site.

The funds were used by CoFarm to purchase a wide variety of heritage fruit trees, all of which are East Anglia varieties.

The funds also allowed CoFarm Cambridge to purchase wildflower seed mix which has been sown around the edges of the market garden.

The wildflower area is attracting pollinators to the site, which is not only improving biodiversity in the urban environment but also providing important pollination opportunities for the produce grown in the market garden.


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Posted: September 2021

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