Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust was awarded a £4,000 PEBBLE grant to introduce a common tern platform to Dickerson’s Lake.

Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust (formerly known as Cambridge Rowing Trust) is a registered charity that was established to construct and maintain Milton Country Park, which is situated just north of the city of Cambridge. Milton Country Park offers a varied natural habitat with woodlands and lakes, that host a range of biodiversity all year round. The park also attracts common terns during the summer months, which have been identified as a conservation priority and are amber listed in Birds of Conservation Concern 4.

Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust worked together with volunteers to introduce a common tern platform to Dickerson’s Lake to provide a safe, sheltered place for common terns to nest.

Photo of the breeding platform with terns and chicks
Following installation, the platform was a huge success and, after a few weeks, a breeding pair of common terns occupied the platform, and successfully raised three chicks. The terns were seen at Dickerson’s Lake again in Spring 2023 and the trust is hoping that they will again make use of the breeding platform.

Posted: April 2023


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