Icknield Primary School nature hotel

Graphic stating Pebble - projects that explore biodiversity benefits in the local environment

Icknield Primary School received a grant for £2,000 in the 2016-17 PEBBLE grant period. The grant helped the school turn a neglected and overgrown area of the school grounds into a nature hotel providing habitat for wildlife and an educational resource.

In addition to the PEBBLE grant, the school also worked with a number of local partners in the successful delivery of the project including Mick George, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Woodland Trust, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Greener Sawston and The Royal Society.

The nature hotel has been designed to have four different habitat areas: tall grass area, wild area, tree berry area and berry area. These different habitats have trees, shrubs and flowers that will flower throughout all the seasons providing important habitat for many insects, birds and animals.

The school also built hotels for insects, birds and animals by students during classes. These include a hedgehog area, bug boxes and bird tables. The grant money also provided the school with camera equipment to be installed in the bird boxes and nature hotel. This will allow the children to view insects, birds and animals using these habitats without disturbance and will educate the children on these species.

Picture shows before and after views at the school