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On 1 January 2021, the developer services market saw the introduction of a new set of codes, which underpin how self lay providers, water companies and developers work together on self lay schemes.

Within the codes, there are a number of elements which include:

  • Design and Construction Specification (DCS)
  • Local practices
  • Annual Contestability Summary (ACS)
  • Water Sector Guidance (WSG)
  • Model Water Adoption Agreement (MWAA)
  • Updated Levels of Service (LoS) metrics
  • Adoption procedures
  • Minimum information (required for the typical self-lay journey)
  • Water Sector Guidance Panel Terms of Reference (ToR)

Our DCS and our local practices are published each year on 1 November, as well as our Annual Contestability Summary on 4 December, and these can be accessed below.

Other relevant documents can be accessed below. The template documents are also available on the Water UK website.

Contact details

To contact our teams the first point of contact should be using the details below.
South Staffs region
For applications, designs, soil reports, plot reference details, inspection requests or providing certification of inspections, weekly whereabouts, confirmations that service connections have been completed and meter fit requests please contact:

For returning agreements, requesting vesting certificates or asset payments and other payment items please contact: 0345 345 1399

For mains laying activity such as arranging pre start meetings, arranging the delivery of mains laying on site (i.e., for SOW connections and non-contestable activity) and discussing sample results please contact:

For asset plans/map requests or to provide ‘As Laid’ drawings please contact:

Named contacts
The best contact details for managing your scheme are above. When your scheme is underway you will be contacted by the specific team members within our team who will support the next activity in your journey. However, if you feel that you require specific support or if you wish to raise a particular topic please see the named contacts below.

Developer Services Team Lead (South Staffs region): Claire Gregory 07771238886
Senior Developer Services and Metering Manager (both regions): Adam Stevens 07772425503


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Updated: 1 November 2023