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Mains scheme

As a general principle, you will need a new water main laying for your development if you are requiring a supply of water to many new properties. You have the choice of asking a Self Lay provider to lay the mains for you or asking us to lay the mains.

If you would like us to lay the new mains (and make the subsequent service connections to each property) our team of experts will look after the design, cost estimations, agree the programme and liaise with developers on your behalf.

For further details on the process, timescales and other useful information to progress the request for new mains or services, please refer to our requesting new mains or services user guide.

To apply for Cambridge Water (CW) to lay at your development, we'll need:

  • A site plan
  • A soil analysis report (for developments not deemed Greenfield)
  • A completed application form

Email your application form to: happens next?
The following summarises the key steps of the application process, but for further details, please refer to our requesting new mains or services user guide.

  • Step 1 Make your application
  • Step 2 We’ll confirm receipt within five days
  • Step 3 You’ll receive a quote within 28 days (42 days if greater than 500 plots)
  • Step 4 You make payment 
  • Step 5 Pre start meeting
  • Step 6 Programme agreed
  • Step 7 We lay and commission mains within 90 days (unless agreed otherwise – typically to suit site programme)
  • Step 8 Mains ready for service connections

Once the new mains is laid and you are ready for your service connections to each new property the following process follows:

  • Step 1 Often the services are paid for at the same time as the mains. If not, or if you need to make changes to your services plan, we’ll send you a quote within 28 days
  • Step 2 You make payment (if step 1 is applicable)
  • Step 3 You supply us with the property’s postal address (this can be done at any stage throughout your process)
  • Step 4 You lay your supply pipes  to the position confirmed by us and let us know they’re ready for inspection. More information on how to lay your pipework can be found on the connection requirements page.
  • Step 5 We aim to inspect your supply pipes within five days. The inspection doesn’t need to be carried out by ourselves, it can be carried out by another party, provided they are accredited to do so, more information on this option can be found on our self-certifying and meter fit page.
  • Step 6 We aim to make the connection (within 21 days). This may be extended due to Local Authority highway opening restrictions. If road closures are required the timeframe is typically three months
  • Step 7 We connect your new supply and fit the meter

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