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Important barrier pipe information 

Certain types of ground contamination will have a detrimental effect on MDPE supply pipes or PE water mains. Where this has been identified, water industry approved Barrier supply pipes and water mains will be specified and must be laid.

As Barrier Pipes are manufactured with differing outside diameters the developer will be required to provide a Female Iron fitting compatible with the pipe being laid. This is to enable us to standardise the connection to any approved Barrier pipe.

Traffic Management Act 2004

The Traffic Management Act (TMA) was introduced in 2004 to tackle congestion and disruption on the road network. The Act places duty on local traffic authorities to keep traffic flowing on their road network by giving them additional tools to better manage parking policies, moving traffic enforcement and coordination of street works.

The Act affects how and when Cambridge Water undertakes works in the public highway. The following sets out some of the key changes:
  • A tightened regulatory framework within which utility companies – gas, electricity, water and telecoms - are permitted to dig up roads

  • Gives authorities more powers to co-ordinate works effectively with the aim of minimizing disruption.

  • Power for authorities to direct utilities not to carry out planned works on particular days and were appropriate to tell them that their works should avoid certain routes where it is reasonable to do so.

Embargos may be applied on any more works in the highway taking place. There are certain exceptions such as a new connection where the embargo.

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