From April 2017, the majority of businesses will be able to choose which company provides their retail services for their water, sewerage and trade effluent. This is part of a Government initiative called Open Water. Click here to find out more.

Eligible business customers have already been advised of the change meaning their new retailer will provide a full customer service, including billing, enquiries and complaints. 

If you are an eligible business customer, your existing account with Cambridge Water will be automatically transferred to South Staffs Water Business and you now need to visit their website here to access your online account

If you have selected another retailer, please contact them directly. Details can be found on the open water website here.

If you have not been contacted by a retailer, Cambridge Water will still continue to provide your full customer service. Please continue to use our website in the usual way.


Common queries

How can you help me pay my bill?

We know that sometimes finding the money to pay your bill can be difficult so it is very important if you are struggling that you contact us as soon as possible.

Where is my inside stop tap?

In most properties the stop tap is located inside, close to where the water pipe enters the building. In houses, this is usually under a sink (often the kitchen sink), in the garage, a cellar or downstairs bathroom or toilet.

Would I be better off on a meter?

Most household customers can have a water meter fitted free of charge. If you have a meter you only pay for the water you use so you may find you’ll save money.

Where is my outside stop tap?

An outside stop tap is usually operated by a professional. They are generally located in the footpath near the boundary of your property.

How can we help?