Will you pledge to save water?

undefinedWater is a precious resource, which we all often take for granted – we each use around 143 litres of water per day – that’s more than 14 full buckets each.

We are in one of the driest regions in the UK, with lower annual rainfall than Barcelona, so we all need to do our part to save water.

Did you know? 
- Your water comes from underground sources, which rely on being replenished over the usually wetter winter periods. 

- The Cambridge region is experiencing lower-than-average levels of rainfall. This has left many rivers in our region at noticeably low levels of flow.

Will you accept our challenge and make small changes to help save water?
Can you save one bucket full each day (10 litres) or more? 
If you are already doing a lot to save water, could you go even further?

 Here are a few ways you can save:

  • Save just under one bucket (9 litres) per minute, if you have a shorter shower
  • Save half a bucket (6 litres) by turning off the tap each time you brush your teeth (12 litres a day)
  • Save one and a half buckets per minute (15 litres) by switching to a watering can or bucket to wash the car instead of a hosepipe

See more ways to save water.

Please sign our pledge to tell us how you can save water:

How we're playing our part to help save water 
We are: 

- reducing leakage through investment in new water mains and innovative technologies.

- working with developers to encourage the implementation of grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting in new developments. 

- part of a regional group, called Water Resources East, looking at new ways to meet everyone’s needs in a sustainable way, while protecting the environment. 

More ways to save water

There are a lot of ways you can save water.

Posted: 20 September 2019