Water’s worth saving

Graphic stating "Water's worth saving".

We're supporting the campaign by Water UK and water efficiency experts, Waterwise, to help everyone save water this summer.

Demand for water has soared as people stay at home more often during the COVID-19 outbreak. An expected surge in ’staycations’ this year means water usage is likely to be even higher over summer months.

High temperatures in May saw demand for water go up 25% on average compared to normal. In some areas, peak demand was 40% above the norm.

A repeat of that this summer could see water pressure being affected during peak times. That’s why the campaign will provide simple advice for cutting water use, such as taking shorter showers, avoiding using hoses in the garden, and reusing water where possible.

Some water tips:

  • Knock a minute or two off your shower – use the Waterwise Shower Playlist on Spotify to keep you on track
  • Take pride in letting your car get and stay dirty
  • Let your lawn go brown – it will soon go green again when it rains
  • Top up the paddling pool – instead of refilling it every day. When you’ve finished, use the water on your plants and grass so it’s not wasted

Posted: 13 July 2020