Water innovation 2050

Graphic stating: "Help shape the future of water in the UK"

We’ve been building on our strong working relationships with all the other 18 UK water companies to create a joint, sector-wide strategy to transform the way we deliver innovation across our industry.  

The vision is to create open collaboration opportunities across the water sector to drive transformational change through innovation which delivers greater value for our customers and the environment.

The strategy includes themes which will guide innovation investment across the water sector and provide insight for Ofwat in rolling out its £200m innovation fund. It also signals new opportunities for partners and suppliers of all sizes to innovate and collaborate more easily and efficiently across the whole sector. 

As water companies we are the guardians and coordinators of this strategy, but greater collaboration and co-ordination with our current and future partners, creators and innovators is essential, and we intend for this period of time to mark the beginning of this journey.

We’re asking all our stakeholders both inside and outside the water industry, to cocreate this strategy with us, to evolve it into a final version over the next few months.

For now, you can take a look at our draft and our journey so far and give your feedback.

2050 Water

Find out more about the water innovation strategy and give your feedback.


 Posted: 9 July 2020