It's one of the hottest summers on record!

With this Summer potentially turning into one of the hottest on record, Cambridge Water has plans in place to ensure its customers have a secure water supply in case the current hot, dry weather continues. 

Phil Newland, Managing Director at Cambridge Water explains:  “With the prolonged dry weather, we continue to monitor our water supplies closely. Currently, our supply levels are coping with demand. However, temperatures are due to continue to rise throughout the week including over the weekend.

He continued: “We are prioritising leakage and have allocated additional resources to fix leaks. We are asking customers to continue reporting leaks by phoning us on 0800 316 7676.”

"We do not envisage any restrictions being placed on customers. As demand is still high, we would, however, request that customers do not waste water and are asking everyone to help by taking shorter showers, turning off garden sprinklers, and following the water efficiency guidance provided on our website.