Duxford Aquifer Water Supply - Further Update

The Drinking Water Inspectorate has today released a report regarding a water event in the South Cambridge area, which is supplied by Cambridge Water.

This report relates to a historic issue regarding levels of PFOS in the water supply that is connected to the Duxford Aquifer. Since 25th June 2021, the Duxford Aquifer has been isolated from our system so it is not supplying any water. This is to allow for us to finalise the improvement works we are making to the water treatment process ensuring the highest levels of safety before the water from Duxford Aquifer is reintroduced into the supply. The water supplied to the South Cambridge region is safe to drink.

We have cooperated with the DWI’s review and thank them for their detailed report into this matter. We apologise to our customers for the errors that were made at the time and note the recommendations made by the Inspectorate. We have already taken steps to improve our processes and will take forward the additional measures the DWI has outlined. We are committed to providing high-quality water to all of our customers.

Posted: 06 April 2023