Cross-country pipeline project

Graphic stating "cross-country -pipeline project"Work is due to start on an essential project to reinforce part of our existing network to enable new housing developments in Waterbeach to be supplied with water.

We will be adding 3.75km trunk main between Butt Lane in Milton to the A10 in Landbeach.  The project is part of our ongoing improvement programme, resulting in the highest water quality and a reliable water supply to our customers. 

When is it happening?

Work will start in July 2021, with completion due in spring 2022.  

Will this affect traffic?

We have reduced the impact on traffic by routing the majority of the pipeline across farmland. In order to safely complete the road crossings and connection work, we will need to close some roads. The first road closure will be Landbeach Road from 1 July for three weeks.

What other impacts will there be?

We have carried out ecological and archaeological surveys in the areas where we will be working. 

There will be some areas of hedging which need to be removed.  Our ecological surveys will enable us to ensure that any hedging we need to remove, does not have nesting birds. We will, of course, replace and aim to enhance the hedging that is removed, once our work is completed. 

Posted: 30 June 2021