Charitable Trust is looking for new trustees

The South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust is looking for new trustees to join its board and help in its work helping people in the Cambridge region, who are struggling to meet the cost of their water and sewerage bills.

The SSWCT offers independent support to Cambridge Water customers and, since its launch, has helped thousands of customers by awarding grants that cover the costs of these bills.

“This is an opportunity for an individual to make a real difference to their community. Water is something we all take for granted. We use it every day and it’s vital for our health and hygiene. While turning on a tap is easy, however for some paying your water bill may be more difficult.

The South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust is there to help people who are facing genuine difficulties or distress, for example, if they suddenly find themselves unemployed or diagnosed with an illness.”

Dan Rhodes, trust secretary at South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust

Key responsibilities

  • Considering applications
  • Making decisions regarding grants
  • Reviewing and establishing the trust policies
  • Managing the Trust's resources.

Person specification

To be eligible, candidates must be a Cambridge Water or South Staffs Water customer, and have experience dealing with individuals facing financial difficulties. Trustees will also have to commit, on average, three hours a quarter to study papers, prepare for, and attend meetings.

You will normally be asked to attend four video calls a year.

To apply, please email us by 31 May 2022.

Posted: 26 April 2022