Can you Pledge 2021?

Graphic stating Pledge 2021

Water efficiency group Waterwise has challenged people to kick off 2021 with a pledge to be mindful of their water consumption and save 2,021 litres during January.

Waterwise said the campaign was the first step to transforming people’s water-using habits to avoid running out of water in the next few years.

The pledge to save 2,021 litres, encourages people to cut their water usage between 4 and 31 January with emails offering suggestions and easy to implement actions during the month.

Tips to save water in the home such as timing a shower or ordering water-saving devices from water companies will be sent to participants and the cumulative water saved will be tracked on Waterwise’s website.

Nicci Russell, managing director of Waterwise, underlined the importance of conserving water:

“Unless we waste less, there’s a big risk that many of us across the UK will struggle to get access to water within our lifetimes.

The good news is that small changes to our everyday habits now can lead to big savings that can help us to avoid a water crisis.”

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Posted: 29 December 2020.