Rental properties

Landlord TAP

As a landlord or managing agent it’s important you provide us with details of your tenants.

This will enable us to send important information about the water supply while they are living at the property. The Landlord TAP (LTAP) system has a very specific purpose, which is for landlords or managing agents to declare who is responsible for the water charges at tenanted properties. The information they submit on the portal is then passed over to the relevant water company electronically and they send a bill to the responsible persons according to the information they receive. Please note, LTAP is not a platform to directly view/pay bills or manage water meters. You can also learn more about LTAP via this dedicated YouTube channel.

Let us know about changes to your properties

TAP stands for Tenant Address Portal.

Instead of picking up the phone or writing to us, once you’re registered, you can use a single portal for all your properties to provide the information quickly and easily. This information is then passed to the right water company automatically, and you will receive a unique transaction receipt reference for your records.

You can use the web portal free of charge to let us know about changes to your tenanted properties, which will allow us to keep track of who is living in your property and ensure accurate bills are sent to the tenants.

When a new tenant moves in all you need to do is update the portal. You don’t need to contact us separately.

Click here to access the Landlord TAP

A free online web portal to quickly and easily notify us of changes.

Quick and easy

Once registered you’ll be able to use the portal to quickly and easily notify us of:

  • Properties you own or manage
  • Changes of tenancy at these properties
  • Changes of ownership/management

All changes you make will be tracked using a unique reference number. If you have any questions about the portal you can contact the national helpdesk.