Notify us of a bereavement

We are very sorry to hear of your loss. 

We understand the impact that dealing with the loss of a loved one can have and we want to keep it simple for you to update or close an account.

We work with LifeLedger. Through their free online service you can tell many companies, including ourselves, about your loss.

Life Ledger: Account closure service

You can also tell us about the loss of a loved one by completing the bereavement form below, which will tell us but not other companies.

To inform government organisations, and local government, you can also use the Tell Us Once service.

What to do after someone dies: Tell Us Once - GOV.UK
Support for you
We understand that losing a loved one can be overwhelming. Please take a look at our bereavement policy to see how we can support you.

The following organisations can also provide support and guidance to you at this time.

Cruse Bereavement Support
Citizens Advice

Contact us
If you need to contact us in these circumstances, our bereavement support team can be contacted by calling 0345 60 70 456 and selecting option 4.

Write to us
Bereavement Support
South Staffs Water
Green Lane

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Bereavement form

Contact details

Deceased's details

Future water use

We need to know if water will continue to be used at the property, for infrequent visits, decorating or cleaning, for example. If water is required, you will need to tell us who is responsible for paying any future bills.

Properties in probate or part of an estate

If the property forms part of the deceased's estate, please give the name and full address of the executor for any refunds or closing bills.

Please tell us who is the beneficiary/responsible for the water account. This will be the name we will use on correspondence about past billing or the cheque if a refund is due.

Any other information

Please don't enter any bank details or any sensitive data.