My water supply

Pipe responsibility

We’re responsible for the underground pipes that carry water up to the boundary of your property - normally where it meets the footpath.

Property owners are responsible for all pipes on the property including all internal plumbing.

We're responsible for

  • The outside stop tap usually found in the road or footpath
  • Any pipes up to the boundary of the property - normally where it meets the footpath
  • The water meter, where fitted

You, or the property owner, are responsible for

  • All stop taps located either in your garden or inside your house
  • The supply pipe from the boundary to your property
  • All of the plumbing inside the house
Single pipe supply

Shared water supply pipes

If you live in an older property, you may share a supply pipe with your neighbours. 

Click here to find out about shared supply pipe responsibility

Shared supply pipe responsibility and costs for maintenance or repair may be shared between the properties.

Sewerage and drainage pipes

Anglian Water takes care of sewerage and drainage pipes, while we look after the pipes that supply clean water.

Electrical earthing

The water pipes in some older houses (particularly those built before 1963) may be used as an earth for household electrical appliances.

The increasing use of plastic water pipes reduces the effectiveness of your water pipe as an earth.

The use of water pipes as an earth is illegal and highly dangerous. Providing electrical earthing is not one of our services. If you'd like more information and advice, we recommend that you contact a qualified electrician.