My water supply

Plummeting temperatures can cause exposed pipework to freeze and in some cases burst.

This is not just inconvenient – having cold water leak all over your home is expensive and can ruin treasured items.

It's quick and easy to prevent this damage - by giving your home a hug for winter - it could help save hundreds of pounds in repairing damage to flooring or furniture.

Here are our top tips from Captain Efficient:

H = Heat your home

GIF stating "heat your home" ❄️ Don’t let your home get too cold.
In very frosty conditions set your thermostat to keep a low level of heat throughout the night and while you are out during the day. 

If your radiators aren’t heating all the way to the top, they could have air in them and need bleeding. You'll need a radiator key (available from a DIY shop) to open the little valve at the top, or on the side. Make sure your heating is off and the radiators are cool, then hold a cloth next to the valve as you turn the key and listen out for the air hissing. As soon as you see a drip of water, close it up again.

U = Understand your stop tap

GIF stating "understand your stop tap" ❄️ Find out where your stop taps are and how to use them

Repair costs can be significantly reduced if the stop tap is used to turn off the water as quickly as possible – so knowing where your stop tap is and checking it regularly to make sure it is working is essential.

G = Get your pipes lagged

GIF stating "get lagging" ❄️ Insulate all cisterns, water tanks and exposed pipework

Foam lagging can be bought cheaply from DIY shops or online and will protect pipework from the cold and help prevent bursts.

(Don’t put insulation underneath tanks though, as warm air from below will help prevent water from freezing.)

Did you know… while lagging cold water pipes can prevent bursts, lagging pipes which carry hot water helps keep the water hotter, allowing you to run your water heater at a lower temperature.


By taking a few simple steps we can all help protect against the cold weather this winter – so go on, give your a home a hug!

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